How to Create a Blog Like This

This blog was created using Gatsby. Gatsby is a static-site generator.

First make sure you have gatsby installed.

npm install -g gatsby-cli

Then, head over here

From the left panel, choose “Using a Starter” and click that and then click ‘Starter Library’ which will take you here

For this particular blog style scroll down till you see ‘gatsby-casper’.

You can click on it and see the demo.

To download into your machine. Type:

gatsby new {your-project-name} {link-to-starter}

‘your-project-nake’ could be any name you choose.

The ‘link-to-starter’ for this blog is here

Once it is downloaded, open it in a text editor.

Head over to website-config.ts file and scroll down

const config: WebsiteConfig = {
  title: "",
  description: 'Blog Posts',
  coverImage: 'img/blog-cover.jpg',
  // logo: 'img/ghost-logo.png',
  logo: 'img/self.jpg',
  lang: 'en',
  siteUrl: 'https://pranaysite.netlify.com',
  facebook: '',
  twitter: 'https://twitter.com/pranayaryal',
  showSubscribe: false,
  mailchimpAction: 'https://twitter.us19.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=a89b6987ac248c81b0b7f3a0f&id=7d777b7d75',
  mailchimpName: 'b_a89b6987ac248c81b0b7f3a0f_7d777b7d75',
  mailchimpEmailFieldName: 'MERGE0',
  googleSiteVerification: 'GoogleCode',
  footer: '',

Change the above for your own website.

Go to author.yaml file and add yourself.

It should look like this

- id: Pranay Aryal
  avatar: avatars/self-resized.jpg
  bio: Software Developer
  twitter: pranayaryal
  website: https://pranaysite.netlify.com
  location: In a plane

Add your avatar image in the /content/avatars/ folder.

Make sure the image is 400 x 400 pixels. You can resize your image here

Add another .md file in the contents/ folder and format it with markdown. The route will be automatically added.

Use your new author id to create posts

You should be good to go.

You can change the number of posts in each page by gong to gatsby-node.js

Change this

  // Create paginated index
  const postsPerPage = 8;
  const numPages = Math.ceil(posts.length / postsPerPage);

Edit the postsPerPage variable

If you want to change which is your favorite tag to link, head to SiteNav.tsx

Within the <SiteNavLeft> tag you will find this

<li role="menuitem">
  <Link to="/tags/python/">Python</Link>

Change what follows after /tags and also within that

You might want to host this on Netlify but that is going to be a separate blog by itself 😄

Pranay Aryal

Pranay Aryal

Software Developer

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