How to negotiate salary

Hi I will advise on salary negotiation based on my experience

  • When a recruiter or the person doing your phone screen, asks you “What is your expected salary for this position?”, say “I’m hoping to be paid maximum for my level of skills and experience”. Don’t give a number. You will be surprised how off the number in your head can be.
  • If they ask you what is your current salary, say ‘I am not allowed to divulge my salary by my company, if you don’t mind’
  • They say that the first person who gives out a number may lose out in a negotiation
  • If they persist, say “It can depend on company size, company equity, etc”
  • It’s also okay to say if asked in a phone screen: ‘I haven’t researched the company yet so I don’t have a number’
  • When they have persisted for a number, I’ve also said “If the range is beyond my expectations, we can agree to withdraw my candidacy”. (politely)
  • If the company has a required ‘salary’ field in their application form, fill ‘negotiable’. Don’t put a number there.
  • If they say ‘We don’t want to waste each other’s time, could you please state your expected range’, say the fifth point above.
  • If you are extended an offer, try to negotiate by email. Shy people like me express themselves better in email.
  • If they call you to offer you, give a pause for a few seconds and say “I am really excited about this opportunity. Do you have any flexibility in your base”. If they say “No” say ‘I am really excited about this opportunity. Can I discuss with my family and get back with you?‘. Say this even if you don’t want to discuss with your family and helps you slip into an email conversation.
  • Email also keeps a paper trail which is good for reference later.
  • Don’t accept their first number, add around 15% to it and give your counter offer. But always say that you are excited by the opportunity, state what value you bring to the company. Also remind them how long it can take to hire someone. Being excited about the opportunity and stating your values are very important.
  • Benefits are also negotiable. But don’t forget to mention what value you bring.
  • After it is finalized, repeat your whole package in the email in one paragraph. It helps to document things and prevents backtracking. If they have already attached a pdf or word offer letter, ask them to reword it based on the agreed upon terms.
  • Don’t do more thant 2 counter offers.
  • If a company has offered you and you are midway in the interview process of another company, tell the second company that you have been offered. This might make your interview process in the second company faster but you may have limited time. If you have two simultaneous offers, you can bid them against each other but this is rare. Happens in FAANG companies where they give a longer time to respond to offer, and hold you in higher regard if you have an offer elsewhere.
  • I made the mistake of not negotiating the salary in 1st job but what me seem like a large amount to you may be a small amount for the company so don’t be scared.
  • I also made the mistake of filling a number in the job application form and when I tried to negotiate, they stuck to that number and didn’t budge much.
  • One company asked my wife’s occupation which was kind of creepy

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