How To Write Resumes

👋 I find this to be the best way to write resumes

  1. Go to Sourav Bajaj’s resume
  2. Scroll down to see how his resume looks in latex.
  3. Create an account in Overleaf
  4. Copy Sourav’s .tex file into a new overleaf page.
  5. Modify accordingly for your purpose.
  6. Latex is great for resumes. It takes time but it is totally worth it.
  7. I have had a lot of frustrations with Microsoft Word because if you change anything, the whole format changes.
  8. Latex is good at wrapping text and resizing.
  9. Latex is also great for scientific writing.
  10. Credit goes to Sourav for making his resume in .tex public.
Pranay Aryal

Pranay Aryal

Software Developer

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